May 19, 2022

Unique ways to enjoy slow travel in India

Panchali Dey

Explore the coffee trail in Coorg

Enjoy being at home away from home when here, as this place welcomes you with an invigorating aroma of coffee. If nature enthrals you, Coorg should be your go-to destination.


Experience solitude in Bhimtal

This lake town is an idyllic vacation spot, dotted with scenic landscapes, and offers you all the solitude you need to take it slow and explore the place at your own pace.


Stargazing in Leh

Dotted with dramatic landscapes, gorgeous lakes, beautiful monasteries and stupas, Leh makes for a great stargazing spot, far from the madding crowd. You can enjoy this activity for days, mark our words!


Enjoy glamping in Rajasthan

If you’re seeking to get away from city life for a while and want to spend time amid nature, opt for glamping in Rajasthan, to witness how time slips by slowly.


Vacation in the wild in Madhya Pradesh

Explore the wild in Kanha National Park on safaris that will take you through different zones. If you have more time to spare, opt for tours of tribal markets and villages for a slow luxury vacation.


Check out historical sites in West Bengal

As a traveller, it will always be a delight to explore the historical sites when in West Bengal. Since this place has no dearth of remnants from the British Raj, slow travel will help you hit your goal.


Go kayaking in Rishikesh

Ditch rafting for a change, and go for the steady joys of kayaking on River Ganga in Rishikesh. Those with prior experience can choose for a weekend-long or day-long expedition.


Go paragliding in Kamshet

Ever wanted to experience time standing still, as you gape around to take in the beauty of the place? If yes, glide into the sky in Kamshet that offers joyrides as well as licensed paragliding courses, and get a high!


Cruise on Brahmaputra River

It’s one of the great ways to savour the authenticity and scenic beauty of Assam. Get on to the cruise and enjoy slow travel around Kaziranga National Park, a weaver’s village at Biswanath Ghat, and much more.


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