May 14, 2022

Fairytale minimoon vacations across the world!

Panchali Dey

Santa Fe, New Mexico

No matter when you visit this place, you will get pleasant weather. Plus, this place exudes a rich blend of Native American and Spanish culture, and nearly 300 galleries to keep the art lovers hooked.


Sicily, Italy

A land full of romantic love stories, myths, and legends, It’s a destination where you are immediately seduced by its gastronomic food, rich culture, and scenic landscape that makes for an ideal getaway.



Photos of sunny Greece might have tempted you to book your tickets at some point of time. So, if you have not visited this place yet, a minimoon vacation here will be a trip to remember.


Transylvania, Romania

A popular romantic getaway, with winding roads, mediaeval buildings, and narrow streets, Transylvania offers you the ideal setting to satiate your wanderlust.


Yorkshire, England

Fall in love all over again here in Yorkshire! Its feral countryside is basic and unapologetic, yet so romantic. Spend your leisure time on the moors, and you will never feel like coming back to your mundane life!


Santa Cruz, California

Situated south of San Francisco, this coastal area breathes romance. While you can stroll here with your beloved, the charming downtown, lined with trees, creates the perfect romantic scene.



This Caribbean paradise seems to be designed to exude romance. From grand resorts to private cottages, you get all to celebrate love the way you want.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Head to this soulful city for a memorable minimon that is characterised by Creole and Cajun, and incredible history. You visit this place to deviate from the usual and experience the unimaginable.


Paris, France

Famed for being the city of romance, fashion, and glamour, Paris definitely is one of the most visited tourist places in the world. And what better than Paris for a quick romantic vacation with your soul mate.


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