May 13, 2022

Beautiful European cities for those who love walks

Panchali Dey

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Explore this quintessential European city by strolling across the city’s neighbourhoods. Most of its attractions are close to the city centre, and exploring them via foot will be something you will never forget.


Venice, Italy

You can almost get from one side of the city to the other in just around an hour. It’s a place where you will want to get lost, and wander through iconic landmarks and canals.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Remember Game of Thrones… This alluring walled city formed the background of that popular show for a few seasons, so you can very well get the idea about how spectacular and walkable Dubrovnik is.


Paris, France

Exploring Paris by foot will be an experience that you will never forget. From walking along the Seine to ending your day over the glittering Eiffel tower, Paris will remain in your heart for long.


Munich, Germany

What’s special about this place is that you will be able to reach the best parts of the city on foot. Plus, you can also turn your trip into a walking food tour. So cool, isn't it?


Bruges, Belgium

This fairytale Belgium city is extremely walkable as well. Just a 30-minute walk from the train station, and you reach straight into the town, where you will be surprised to see dreamy cafes, and scenic cobblestone roads.


Salzburg, Austria

Visiting this place during summers, and it will seem like a spot straight out of a fairy tale. You get the most ideal setting in the form of this vibrant city to enjoy spending a day walking around with your special someone.


Barcelona, Spain

There is no dearth of things to do and see when in Barcelona. Dotted with a delectable food scene and pristine beaches, exploring this place via foot offers a distinctive perspective of this place.


Oxford, England

With some of the world-famous universities and buttery stone buildings, there is perhaps no city in the United Kingdom that is as enjoyable and easy to explore via foot as Oxford.


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