Mehendi designs for Karwa Chauth


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Mehendi designs for Karwa Chauth

Representative image (Photo: Pexels)
Representative image (Photo: Pexels)
The festive season has begun! With Navratri and Dussehra past us, it is time for Karwa Chauth. Holding immense importance in Hindu Culture, the festival is celebrated across Northern India with a lot of gusto. Ceremonies, traditions and rituals adorn Karwa Chauth and add to its spark as women fast for their husbands and wish for marital bliss. All dolled up like newly-weds, women shop clothes, accessories and other ornaments for their special day. In some states, aalta, a red coloured liquid is applied to hands and feet however, henna or mehendi continues to be the popular adornment for hands and feet. Most women apply mehendi to their hands but a lot of them, specifically newly-weds go for both-hands and feet.
Mehendi designs are varied- you could go for the classic filling design that covers the entire palm or the popular Arabic one mostly found on the backside of the palm. Applying henna and experimenting with it is always fun, but looking for new, original designs year after year becomes a hard nut to crack. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the lesser known, trending mehendi designs that will give you a much-needed break from the regular ones and make your Karwa Chauth happier!

· Neat and Co-ordinated
This design is an identical one that covers both the hands. Filling the hands with a beautiful pattern, this design is full of equidistant spaces. Such designs with motifs, don’t let it get too messy but give it a clean, finished look. Your skin and the mehendi are visible in equal amounts.
· Heavy Mehendi with Intricate Designs
Small, fine lines with detailed patterns and intricate drawings make for a desirable look that pleases the eye and the skin. The finesse of this pattern stands out, giving your hands the perfect adornment. The precision that these designs demand is difficult to achieve but if done correctly, this design brings out the best in your hands.

· Leafy Motifs
The leaves start from the palm and go right to the fingers. Checkered boxes along with big, beautiful leaves make for the perfect design for the back of the palm and when paired with hand accessories, this design stands out.

· Recreating Scenes
This idea is novel and original. You can take any scene that you wish for- a pair of parrots sitting on the branch of a tree, a woman looking at the moon to end her fast, a portrait of you and your husband, or anything that you associate with love, marriage and this auspicious occasion. The designs look larger than life and add meaning to the mehendi, unlike most designs which are abstract.

· The Jaal Design

To cover the entire hand but not go overboard with the filling, try the jaal design. A jaal is a net and this design covers the expanse of your hand while making sure about the gaps that need to be present at equal distances for appeal.


· Floral Motifs

Floral motifs are evergreen. Despite being overused and omnipresent, these motifs can always be used in a new, completely different style which would look elegant yet creative. Rose design with leaves, lotus petals for finger-tips or simple, small flowers that occupy small spaces can be used and you are good to go.

· Chains

Chains composed of small circles are used in large designs to function as hand accessories and impart a regal and stylish look to the mehendi design. These chains are quite versatile for they can be paired with all kinds of stock designs and add to the beauty of the design, turning it into a completely new look.

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