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How UP bought 6 villages for its new airport
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A look at the speed and ease with which the state government acquired 1,240 hectares in 2 years from over 10,000 farmers to begin the first phase of the Noida International Airport

The Noida International Airport has seen one of the fastest land acquisitions in India for a project of this size. After the first pitch, in 2017, that hadn’t seemed likely. Of a potential 10,000 landowners who needed to be convinced, only four had said yes.

What followed was a feat of persuasion that rode on the twin engines of compensation and rehabilitation.
“It was a huge challenge for us. Honestly, we even faced resistance from within when officers thought we would not be able to pull it off,” said former Noida district magistrate BN Singh, who stewarded the process. “However, it was possible only because we went completely by the law and stayed in touch with the people. Officials visited villages daily and explained to farmers the benefits of the airport. We told villagers everything regarding what they might gain or lose. We were transparent,” added Singh.

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