Exclusive – Karan Tacker on his journey to become an actor: Became a flight purser, but needed money for business and acting happened


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Exclusive – Karan Tacker on his journey to become an actor: Became a flight purser, but needed money for business and acting happened

Exclusive – Karan Tacker on his journey to become an actor: Became a flight purser, but needed money for business and acting happened
Karan Tacker, who has been away from home on and off for work, spoke to ETimes TV recently, about work, passion projects and more. The actor is currently shooting for a project and he shared how he turned to an actor from a businessman and more. Karan started his journey in the entertainment industry with the show – Love Ne Mila Di Jodi and in his words, ‘My life has been blessed.’ His acting career started in 2009 and now he is in a new phase exploring the digital medium.
Here’s Karan Tacker getting candid about his professional life, reminiscing his journey to becoming an actor and more. Read on:

About his upcoming projects
Firstly, I would like to apologise to everybody on social media as I have been away from it for a while. Sometimes when you are too occupied with what you are doing work wise that you stay disconnected from social media. For two months, I was away. I am shooting for a project in Jharkhand. There are a whole bunch of things that I am doing at the moment. Next year seems quite fun. Thank God for Covid-19 to settle down a bit, that all the actors are resuming work.
karan d

On meeting and greeting with fans in the pandemic
As an actor, the relationship with fans is so enjoyable that for a moment you forget there is Covid-19. You remove the mask and click a picture with them. When I am shooting in a small town or a state, how often am I going to visit that place. So at times I feel it is ok to leave little bit of you with the fans. For that one moment, when you click a picture or give an autograph, you leave it to God and pray you don’t get Covid.

How did you welcome the new found fan following post your digital debut?
It was a lot of fun. When you do shows on television, your biggest fans are the girls and the women, who are watching the shows and the husbands, who are forced to watch with them. But what I loved about Special Ops is, when I was flying to Ranchi, a 7-yr-old boy came to me and commented on my work. There is a different kind of fan base that has come with the show. Whatever work we do, it is for the audience. I love and enjoy and people enjoy and consume my work, because that’s who we work for. But also, when I was shooting in Jharkhand, most of the people there knew me from my television shows. In village areas, where the digital shows are not consumed, it feels great that they know you through TV. But I have never segregated my fans or audience.
karan c

And for that audience base, who know you through your TV shows, you be seen on the small screen again?
I have never said that I don’t want to do TV and will only do digital shows or films. I want to act. I enjoy acting. When you turn your passion to your work, you enjoy the process. If I get a good opportunity on any vertical, I will surely take it up. I won’t even mind doing theatre for that matter.

Karan goes on to share further about his wish to try theatre…
Actually, it has been my longtime wish to perform on stage for live audience. My career didn’t start with theatre and I didn’t have that background. I have just heard about theatre and theatre artistes, who are much respected and loved by all. As an actor it is my earnest wish even if it is a small scene in a play. I definitely want to be on stage in front of a live audience.

So Karan Tacker now wishes to explore theatre?
I just constantly wish to explore. The work we do, the best part of it that everyday we get to know and learn new things. We get to play new characters, work with new actors. Every day is a new challenge. I had seen a play in Prithvi theatre just before pandemic and you get to realise when you take your work seriously. It is so intimidating that you can see the audiences’ reactions 10 ft from where you are acting. You can immediately see their reaction whether they liked your performance or not. It is very difficult to perform. So I thought, I have to do theatre at least once in this life.
karan a

Coming from the TV background, things that you have learned and unlearned while stepping into the digital world
I have unlearned a lot of things. Sometimes things that you do in daily life, it becomes a habit. And it is not necessary that all habits are good habits. Unfortunately, the kind of medium television is and the requirement is, at times basic sense of quality takes a backseat. But it is the requirement when you have to shoot daily episodes and it is not wrong. You have to keep churning for episodes. In web, even if you shoot for a 3-mins sequence, it is ‘OMG! Aaj toh bahut zyada kaam kar liya!’ The ballgame is very different. The general sense of approach is different. You have to give a nuanced performance. The mental preparation is very different. You have to maintain a mental note of your own character, about what’s the status. In TV, we shoot episode wise not track wise.

Being in the industry for so many years, what has been your survival strategy?
I think not treating it as a survival strategy. For me it has never been about survival. I want to do this for the rest of my life and I don’t see it on a day-to-day basis. I am thinking of it in the long term. I have never looked at my career to survive.

My career has been very kind to me. Before I became an actor, I was going through a rough phase in my professional career. I had a business and that had it’s own set of challenges. Trying to become an actor was really tough but once I did, the industry really accepted me with open hands. I really enjoyed my stint on TV. I did shows, hosted reality shows and I have been picky with the shows that have come my way. I have been very selective about the shows I have hosted – the makers, if they would want to let me host it my way or not. I didn’t want to follow the set pattern of flirting and all on the stage. I didn’t want to do what everybody has done. I never had a downfall in career but I did take a hold of it. At one point I did feel like taking a break from television and try to do work that is going to make me happy and probably make me grow as an actor, which will eventually give longevity to my career. I had to do things differently to excite myself. Of course people have a certain perception towards actors coming from the TV. So to break out of that image, I took the break, molded myself, seek out to the makers and to make people believe that you are a little bit more than that perception. That took a bit amount of time. Not that work was not coming my way but I wanted to do something of my interest. I am a very patient guy.

karan b

Do you see any project as a turning point, or is it yet to come?

For me as an actor, deciding to become an actor itself was a turning point. Acting was never on the charts. I was a businessman’s son. We had a family business and I was a part of it. I studied business. But something didn’t work my way so I had to change my career. I even applied to become flight purser in an international airline and got through it. But we needed money for the business and at that time I got through a few auditions and started acting. So I feel the process of becoming an actor acted as a turning point in my life. Every time you get a new project or your pay scale increases, it feels like a turning point. When I got an opportunity to work with Neeraj Pandey in Special Ops even that was a turning point. It is very difficult to decide myself, it is a growing process and how audience take you as an actor. However, the digital debut indeed has been a biggest one so far as people’s perception towards me.

Acting is not longer limited to the silver screen or small screen, there are a plethora of mediums. How do you take this as an opportunity to explore?

There is a whole amount of story-telling that is happening on the web space. From an audience’ perspective including me as an audience, whenever we think of a digital show, it automatically comes to our mind that it will be of top quality, top writing and good actors. There has a certain expectation from the digital space. It feels good to be a part of that vertical because I know that audience will also be expecting good acting from me. I am very happy that this vertical has happened. I have got to work with good directors, big production houses. This is the best phase the industry is in general and for all budding writers, directors and actors who are trying to get a break in a certain way. None of the rolls are small and even a 2-min role is as important part as the lead actors.

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