Imlie update, September 22: Aditya screams at Imlie after losing his job


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Imlie update, September 22: Aditya screams at Imlie after losing his job

In the latest episode of Imlie, Dev meets Imlie outside college. Imlie lies to him when he asks her about her classes. Dev tries to convince Imlie to withdraw the case. Imlie tells her she won’t withdraw the case just because Malini is her sister.
Dev suggests settling the case in the house and not in front of people. Imlie doesn’t agree. Dev finally thanks her for opening his eyes and fighting the truth. However, he gets emotional as he lost Malini’s innocence.

Imlie goes home and Aditya’s family members scold him. They inform her that Aditya got fired from his job. Imlie fights back saying that she is not wrong and Aditya’s boss is wrong to fire him.
Aditya raises his voice against Imlie. He tells her that his family’s reputation is at stake because of the fight between two sisters. Fraught with rage, Aditya blames Imlie for losing his job and his identity as a journalist.

Aditya tells her that his dreams got shattered because of her adamant behaviour. Seeing Aditya’s rage, Imlie shivers in fear. Rupali and Nishant try to calm down Aditya. Imlie breaks down in tears.

Imlie expresses her disappointment in front of Dulari and wishes to withdraw the case. But Dulari motivates her saying that she hasn’t seen Imlie in such a weak state ever. Sundar also comes and motivates her to find proof.

Anu and Malini are happy as Imlie is left with nothing. However, Malini feels upset as Aditya got fired from his job. Anu gives her hope saying that atleast now Aditya will blame Imlie for all his failures.

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