As a woman, I felt liberated and free doing an adventure show: Srushti


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As a woman, I felt liberated and free doing an adventure show: Srushti

As a woman, I felt liberated and free doing an adventure show: Srushti
Actress Srushti Dange, who was one of the 16 contestants in the adventure reality show, Survivor, got eliminated recently. From taking up various tasks like a champ to being labelled as the weakest contestant, Srushti says that she’s learned to take all the feedback in a sportive manner. “The reason I took up this show was because it’s adventurous and I wanted to experience a primitive lifestyle. I believe in living an organic life and I thought this would be a great way to find out more about it. While there have been ups and downs, I am happy that I gave it a try,” begins Srushti.
Srushti says that the show is as real as it gets and isn’t staged as people perceive it to be. She says, “To be honest, I thought they will show some leniency because we’re celebrities. But I was wrong. I felt I wasn’t mentally prepared to be there, unlike other contestants. They really did their homework and were quite geared up. I wasn’t all that prepared. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I got out quickly.”

While she didn’t know anyone else except Nandaa, Srushti says that it was difficult to strike a friendship in the few days that she stayed on the show. “When you go there, you need to have a game-mindset. You might feel that nobody will hurt you, but the competition is cut-throat. I can’t act like I am different. I wasn’t able to pretend, sugarcoat whilst speaking, or indulge in manipulative behaviour. I am quite honest in my opinions and don’t have a thick skin. Since I don’t have those traits, I didn’t get a chance to stay longer. After watching the show, my father asked why I didn’t make any efforts to persuade those who nominated me. But I did speak to them and convinced a group of people. But that wasn’t screened on TV. I realised you need to be in people’s good books from day one. I took it slow and probably that’s why they called me the weakest contestant. All this aside, I still continue to be a huge fan of the show,”says Srushti.

But the actress says that the tasks were draining. “They might show only 5-7 minutes of each task on TV, but we took one or two hours to complete them. It was both physically and mentally draining. You don’t get to eat much and not in your usual comfort zone. There were so many mosquitoes, insects, and it was pretty cold, too. So, in that sense, it was very difficult. I salute those who are still doing it,” she says.

However, the actress says she feels ‘free’ now. “As a woman, doing the tasks was liberating. I felt free and challenged, and that’s a good thing. There was no special attention given to female contestants. But of course, I always knew girls would be eliminated first,” she laughs, adding, “I wish all the girls could be united once to do the tasks.”

While she is still recuperating from her ‘tasks’ hangover, Srushti says that she doesn’t see herself doing this again. “I feel great about this effort and got a great response from the audiences, too. I don’t want to ruin it. But yes, you can never say never. For now, I am going to chill for a while and listen to scripts,” she signs off.

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