Sahil Khan holds press conference for Manoj Patil suicide case, says “Everyone side-lined the main issue and covered the suicide”


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Sahil Khan holds press conference for Manoj Patil suicide case, says “Everyone side-lined the main issue and covered the suicide”

Sahil Khan holds press conference for Manoj Patil suicide case, says “Everyone side-lined the main issue and covered the suicide”
Model and bodybuilder, Manoj Patil attempted suicide at his Mumbai residence on Wednesday, his family said. Currently, he is undergoing treatment at the Cooper Hospital, Mumbai. Earlier in the day, it was revealed that Patil had mentioned actor Sahil Khan in his suicide note.
Patil’s family also revealed that the bodybuilder had filed a complaint against the actor at Oshiwara Police Station, in which he alleged that he was being harassed by Khan.

Now, Sahil Khan held a press conference to clear the air around the issue. While talking to the media, the actor said that the case has nothing to do with him. The whole thing is between Manoj Patil and a person named Raj Faujdar. Sahil said, "First of all, committing suicide is a crime in India. Manoj should understand that. Raj has transaction receipts of Rs 2 lakhs with Manoj's name mentioned on it and not mine. If I come and sell drugs outside your house and if you put that up on social media, would I be able to say that you are bullying me?"

Sahil added, "I have spoken the truth, that which Raj Faujdar shared with me. I have just uploaded that on my social media."

The media asked the actor what would his next step be, to which Sahil replied, "I will take legal action now. First I thought if I put it on social media then at least Manoj will think about it and return Raj's money as soon as possible." He added, "No one wants to talk about the real issue, but everyone is reporting that a person committed suicide because of Sahil Khan."

Addressing the speculation that there might be a rivalry between him and Manoj, since they’re both from the fitness stream, Sahil said, "Nothing like that. Manoj used to work for our company as an influencer. So there is nothing personal against him. Why was there no mention in Manoj’s suicide note that ‘Raj Faujdar contacted Sahil Khan and the actor shared his story on social media and that is the reason I'm doing this’.”

Sahil added, "Our lawyers are working on the situation now and we will file a complaint. This is a big racket, the FDI might also be involved in this. Those who are manufacturing fake supplements should be punished. And if I have committed a crime, then I should get punished too."

Sahil further added, "I don't have anything against those who are supporting Manoj Patil. You are supporting him because your business/racket of steroids is going on. This will stop when something happens to the kid of a big government official. Until now, only the common man is dying. People will write 'Rest in peace' and that's it."

There’s been speculation that Maharastra Navnirman Sena will be talking to the actor tomorrow over the issue. When he was asked to comment on this, Sahil said, "I have no problem talking to anybody. If I am wrong then I should get punished. First of all, selling steroids is illegal in our country."

He then added, "You can verify all the proofs if they are real or fake. But if they are real, then all of you should also run stories about the truth because if someone from your family buys these products, fake supplements, they might die. This is a racket. People are dying in the gym. I have never seen people dying in the gyms before."

Sahil again pointed out that the case has been blown out of proportion. He said, "I am just a small person, this racket has spread over the world. You have to report all about it. I shared the video of a person who asked for help on Instagram and then the other guy made a fake attempt at suicide. Everyone side-lined the main issue and covered the suicide."

When he was asked about getting any calls from the Oshiwara police station, the actor said, "I haven't checked any calls yet as I have just landed in Mumbai. But I am sure I might have got some calls. Whatever action Mumbai Police will take, I will co-operate with them and if I am wrong, I should be punished."

Sahil Khan assured everyone in attendance that after the conference, he will reach out to his lawyers and will also appear before the police.

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